Saturday, March 23, 2013

Create a Five-Star Bed for Less

Upscale hotels promise guests the perfect night's sleep by creating five-star luxurious beds which look and feel wonderful. Recreating that level of luxury for your home can be accomplished by knowing the different elements which go into creating five-star bedding and finding feel-good fabrics that are soft and plush, but at affordable prices.

Layers, Layers and More Layers

One common element that many of the five-star hotels use when creating luxury bedding is layering from top to bottom with super-soft yet crisp looking cotton linens, fluffy soft covers and plenty of plush pillows.

The elements of luxury hotel bedding generally include: (In order)

•    Bed skirt
•    Feather or foam mattress topper
•    Mattress pad
•    Fitted sheet
•    Flat sheet
•    One down blanket
•    Flat sheet
•    Duvet with an ultra-plush poly insert
•    Two feather and down pillows with protectors and pillowcases
•    Two hypo-allergenic pillows with protectors and pillowcases
•    One boudoir pillow with protector and cover

Now you can achieve "Heavenly Bed" concept level of lavish comfort, but at budget prices.

Flipping the mattress is the first place to start when building a luxury bed. Not only will it feel new again, but it adds years to the life of a mattress. To add freshness, sprinkle baking soda over the top and let it sit for an hour then vacuum it off.

Feather or Foam?

Deciding on a feather or a memory foam mattress topper is a matter of personal preference.

Memory foam mattress toppers (four inches or higher) help relieve pressure points and will improve the feel of a not-so-comfortable older mattress.

Feather toppers are fluffy and soft and will enhance a mattress which is in good condition.

Mattress toppers are a cost-effective way of adding a more luxurious feel to your bed and can add years of life to an older mattress. When deciding on how thick of a topper to get, remember that the thicker you go, the more bed linens will cost to cover it.

Covering the feather topper with a good thick mattress pad will not only protect it, but will also protect you from being stabbed by the tips of feathers that sometimes poke through the sheets. Also, feather toppers have a tendency to slip to one side and a good mattress pad will help keep it in place.

There are several mattress pads on the market which will do a good job of protecting your bedding. To keep everything neat and appealing, smooth out the wrinkles of the mattress pad and tuck the corners snuggly under the mattress. For additional hold, you may want to consider adding elasticized grips which slip under the corner of the mattress and attach to each end of the mattress pad.

By Donna L Montaldo, Guide

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