Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to Create a Luxurious Bedding Presentation

Decorating and designing a luxurious bedding presentation is all about creating a bed that serves as the focal point for the bedroom. Bedroom design should have a dramatic and inspiring element that draws attention to the most important feature of the room, the bed. The addition of sultry fabrics, warm colors, and exotic themes can bring life to your bedroom design. A luxurious bedding presentation will allow you to create a bedroom that is relaxing and desirable. With the addition of sophisticated design and luxurious fabrics, your bedding can create a strong romantic appeal. A few simple ideas will help you create a luxurious bedding presentation.
Choose an Inspiring Theme

Luxurious bedding starts with a theme. Of course, your bedroom theme doesn't have to be as bold as a pirate motif or a tropical island thatched cabana, but it should resonate a particular vibe. Just as professional ice skaters create a theme by their costume choice and song selection, you can create a luxurious vibe for your bedroom by choosing an appropriate theme. Some suggestions for a luxurious bedding motif include: Asian Zen, Modern Geometric, Shabby Chic, and French Country.
Envelop Warm Colors
There is nothing as cozy and inviting as a luxurious bedroom that is saturated in warm colors. Warm colors draw you into the bedroom in a way that is inviting and engaging. When choosing warm colors for your luxurious bedding design, select colors that are in the deep reds, soft browns, and muted jewel tones. These colors will help you create a bedroom design that is luxurious and sophisticated. The subtle warm tones will add depth and softness to your design appeal. In general, bedroom colors that are too bright will negatively affect the visual appeal of your bedding. A bedroom color palate that is warm and seductive will look contemporary and inviting.
Dare to Use Sultry Fabrics
For a dramatic bedding design, you can invigorate your bedroom with sultry fabrics that work to create a sophisticated appeal. Stylish fabrics are elegant and mature in their overall appeal. The most alluring fabrics include: faux suede, satin, natural cotton, rayon, and down. Sophisticated fabrics add texture and a refined element to bedding and an overall bedroom design. Sultry fabrics energize a bedroom in a way that is visually appealing and comfortably chic. Decorating and designing a luxurious bedding presentation is all about creating bedding that serves as the main event for the bedroom. Dramatic and inspiring bedroom design keeps the focus on the most important feature of the room. The addition of inspiring themes, warm colors, and sultry fabrics all add to your luxurious bedding presentation.

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